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Communications Compliance

Cloud-based data capture, analysis & storage

Capture and store ANY type of multimedia communication globally, in real-time and at source, ready for review and analysis in a single-pane view. No need for middleware.

Don’t just be compliant, be business efficient.


How it works

how it works 

Modular and Scalable Features

Real-time capture

Whatever type of communication data it is, we capture it, live and at source. Even archived legacy recordings.


Keep data safe either on-premise, in a secure resilient cloud with no integration needed, or by using a hybrid of the two.

Search & Retrieval

Search metadata and retrieve objects from any location globally, all within a single pane view.

Data Protection & integrity

3rd party certify your data, providing complete records of capture and storage, for duty of care and evidential weight.


A fully encrypted and digitally signed audit trail for all objects and user activity. Nothing can be tampered with.

Retention policy management

Set retention policies based on any location and specified duration. Wherever you are, you are covered.


Stay Compliant Globally

Maintain compliance with all main regulatory standards globally:

  • BSI BIP 0008 - A Code of Practice on the Legal Admissibility of Information Stored in Electronic Document Management Systems;
  • ISO TR 15801 Electronic imaging - Information stored electronically - Recommendations for trustworthiness and reliability; and
  • BSI DISC PD 5000 - An international code of good practice in five parts for electronic documents and e-commerce transactions as legally admissible evidence.
  • Financial Supervisory Authority (Norway)
  • Financial Conduct Authority (UK)
  • Dodd-Frank Act (USA)


The Portal

Monitor a real-time, single-pane view of any business communication data type on a global and local lookup basis, with a fully customisable permissions hierarchy to manage user access. The Case Reconstruction area allows you to create a case within 1 hour and provide regulators with restricted access to your chosen collated information, around a topic or event, for a limited period of time, using a time-lapsed password.



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