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Double Edge welcomes BridgeOne Telecom

You have arrived here because BridgeOne was acquired by Double Edge on 3rd May 2018

I am delighted to welcome you to DoubleEdge, the new team that will be supporting your business communications requirements in the future.

I’ve known and worked closely with the current DoubleEdge management team for many years, so I can reassure you that this is a solid merger based on integrity as well as sound commercial reasons.

Our loyal BridgeOne clients can look forward to a seamless transition and the opportunity to access an exciting, new range of fixed line and data services.

DoubleEdge operates from offices near Spitalfields in the City of London, just five minutes from BridgeOne’s former offices – a small step geographically, a giant leap for the future of your communications.

See our press release here, learn more about the acquisition here and don’t hesitate to contact me personally on any matter.

Welcome on board!


Patrick Crockford 

Director, DoubleEdge


+44 (0)20 7871 0355

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