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Best Net

Better coverage than a single network

Mobile network reliability and the best possible coverage are essential for any business.

BestNet achieves this by giving you access to multiple networks for the best possible coverage. So, provided there is coverage from an available mobile network, you can always make and receive calls.

More signal means more opportunity to do more business. While the competition is looking for signal or having to rely on voicemail, BestNet gives you more opportunity to carry on working.

Mobile without boundaries

BestNet is mobile without boundaries - if the primary network is unreachable and there is another network available, with BestNet your handset will pick it up and you’ll be able to continue with your business as normal, giving you the edge over your competition. BestNet works with many smartphones and doesn’t require a mobile app, making it really easy to stay connected.

How do I subscribe?

Download the leaflet or contact us to find out more.


Download the leaflet


  • No more moving around trying to find single network coverage
  • Enables delivery of superior customer service for your customers
  • Stand out from the competition - be in contact with customers for longer and with faster response times
  • Save money - no need for multiple providers
  • Boost business productivity - stay connected wherever there is signal available
  • Spend more time working and less time listening to voicemail

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