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Expertise that adds value to your business

Many companies are paying too much for comms services that are often misaligned with business needs. They also lack the time, skills or resource to address these issues and other important IT projects. Our consultancy services provide the support and depth of expertise you need to drive performance and profitability.


One solution for all your communications compliance

Capture and store any type of multimedia communication globally, in real-time and at source, ready for review and analysis in a single-pane view. No need for middleware, just one simple SaaS solution, Soteria, powered by Insightful Technology.

  • Real time capture of all types of communication data
  • Storage of data on-premise or in a secure, resilient cloud
  • Search metadata and retrieve objects from any location globally
  • Third-party certify your data for duty of care and evidential weight
  • Fully encrypted audit trail for all objects and user activity
  • Set retention policies based on any location and specified duration


 Reducing cost through billing analysis

The challenges of managing a large mobile fleet often obscure opportunities to cut cost or rationalise services. We are specialists in mobile cost reduction and our billing analysis service underpins this through benchmarking your current rates, exposing inaccurate tariffs and invoicing errors, and identifying redundant services and devices.


Make mobile contracts work for you

Complex mobile tariffs, inflexible contracts and billing errors frequently result in unnecessary cost and superfluous services. We have a deep understanding of the mobile market and can objectively assess your current provision, identify contract irregularities, recover overpayments and negotiate agreements that work best for you.


Cost savings from benchmarking

Our consultants often work alongside business procurement functions, using benchmarking data to identify opportunities for better deals from mobile service providers. Take a closer look at how our experience and market knowledge can help you evaluate your current rates and terms against the industry’s best – and guide you on achieving improvements.


Negotiating the best deal

Whatever the stage of your mobile contract, our specialists have the expertise to negotiate the best possible rates and terms with either incumbent suppliers or new providers. Our analysts have previously worked for mobile operators and use this knowledge and market intelligence to evaluate your current deal before securing sustainable cost savings.


Flexible IT resourcing

IT managers need to control head-count and cost but they must also deliver the services that businesses demand. Find out how we’re helping them address short- and medium-term skills gaps with access to a pool of accredited, multi-disciplinary IT professionals, and how you can access the resource you need to get the job done.

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